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ScarletFace For Trials

Create trial versions of your applications, prevent abusive trial extension
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3 May 2010

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Computer software and programs today form the backbone of most business operations owing the massive assistance that they offer to the users for varied purposes that includes database management, document storing and web browsing. Specific programs are also introduced to enhance the style of working and which proves to be a constructive bargain for many of us considering our diverse requirements. Any software developer can have several program developments to his credit on any given day as and when a creative idea strikes. Many of the websites promote these programs by providing user reviews and free trials; however some of the malevolent minds can misuse this trial usage and can hamper the prospects of financial profits for the developer. ScarletFace For Trials 1.0 is a tool that can be used easily to counter this usage abuse with is simple to configure.

ScarletFace For Trials opens with a neatly designed interface with the chief options placed at the bottom and suitable options available for naming and creating the application along with configuring it easily. The program works efficiently and prevents any unauthorized trial extension and remains hidden to the user, yet keeping them informed about the program expiry duration. It also gives out reasons for halting its run on a system like illegitimate installation or expiry of the trial period or simply if there was a technical snag in working. The user can perform initialization section of the application and enables the user to check out whether a particular file is present or absent. The program package also comes with a Configuration Files Reader to enable the user to ascertain whether settings are different and also includes code samples if the user is a novice.

To conclude, ScarletFace For Trials 1.0 works easily as a suitable utility for any software developer with its useful features for extracting information and hence gets a rating of four points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

ScarletFace for Trials will create trial versions of your applications and prevent abusive trial extension. Easy to configure, easy to use. SFFT will remain invisible to your user, while telling them the days or uses left, and informing your program whether the expiration period is on or over. If you wish, your program can also receive information about the reason to not let it run: the trial period has expired, the installation is not legit (the SFFT file or the system clock was manipulated, the program was reinstalled in another folder) or if there was some technical mishap and the configuration file is missing. All you'll need to do in the initialization section of your application is launch SFFT and check on the presence or absence of a certain file. The SFFT trial version only limitation is that it does not let you use the configuration file you create, but it provides you with a dummy file to use it with any program just to see how it functions. The SFFT package also includes a SFFT Configuration Files Reader so you'll know which settings different files contain. The Help files include all the Windows API information you may need if you are a beginner and some code samples. The SFFT encoding is based on three different sets of installation data double checking. SFFT is simple and safe!
ScarletFace For Trials
ScarletFace For Trials
Version 1.0
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